We got a request for The Attic this morning. Alvin Lee and Ten Years after's "I'd Love to Change the World". Ten Years After got their big break, like many, at Woodstock. Soon after the band signed with Columbia Records. their first release on Columbia label was A Space in Time and I'm proud to say I owned that album, both on vinyl and 8 track. We lost Alvin Lee a few years ago but he left a load of great music behind. Although "I'd Love to Change the World" put out a pretty liberal almost socialist message, it was still a great tune written by Alvin Lee. Back then,late 60's,Early 70's, things were pretty much anti government and, of course, anti Vietnam war. If you collect classic rock on vinyl, then "A Space in Time" is a must for your vinyl collection.  As always, should you have a suggestion for The Attic, feel free to send it in to baxter@1037theloon.com