Classic Byrds in The Attic this morning. "Mr Tambourine Man"  was written by Bob Dylan and originally released on Dylan's 5th album released in 1965.The Byrd's version was released later in '65 was the only song written by Dylan that went to #1 on the charts. Only three of the five members of the Byrds took part in the recording of this song. Missing were bass player, Chris Hillman and drummer Michael Clark. A few studio musicians filled in on the record. Most notably Leon Russel on Piano.This song kind of changed the face of rock music. Besides launching the Byrds into stardom, it also convinced Dylan to go electric and started the folk rock movement. As the story goes, Dylan wrote this song while touring across the country with his band. To avoid carrying large amounts of pot with them, they would mail pot to post offices on the tour and pick it up upon arriving