The Doors in The Attic this morning. Believe it or not it was 49 years ago that Jim Morrison was arrested for lewd conduct during a show in Coconut Grove, Florida.

Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Morrison allegedly dropped his pants on stage and exposed himself. Band members refute that claim to this day. Morrison refused a plea deal and was found guilty and sentenced to a Florida work farm.

While out on appeal and staying in Paris, Morrison died of an apparent heart attack. Conspiracy theorists doubted that Morrison had actually died and thought he just went underground and disappeared. When his companion also died soon after, conspiracy theorists were sure she had also faked her death and was off to meet up with Morrison.

Morrison did seem like the kind of guy that would just chuck aside all the trappings of fame and simply disappear but rock experts conclude that he did indeed die in a bathtub in Paris of an apparent heart attack at the age of 27.

Listen carefully to the video and you can hear where Morrison went back into the studio and whispered the lyrics over his recorded vocals, giving the song and even spookier feel.