In The Attic this morning a tribute to a soul food restaurant Jim Morrison ate at on Venice Beach.. Morrison often stayed too late at Olivia's, where he liked the food because it reminded him of home and warmed his "soul." They often kicked him out so they can close, thus lines like: "let me sleep all night, in your soul kitchen." Linda Ronstadt was also a customer there. On the studio version of this song the band actually brought in a bass player. usually most bass parts were played on the keyboard. Another interesting Doors tidbit, the song "L.A. Woman" the line Mr Mojo Risin' is just the letters of Jim Morrison's name rearranged. Jim morrison was a good singer but he was also a great lyricist. Mush of the poetry he wrote before the formation of a The Doors was incorporated into their music.Join us every weekday morning at 9:35 for The Attic.