I came down with a sudden bout of Spring fever this morning. As the temps get warmer as the week progresses I find myself thinking about hanging at the lake, maybe taking the pontoon out and just enjoying the peace and quiet. Well, anyway, this tune came to mind during my Spring fever breakdown. The Kinks were pioneers in the three cord punk rock movement. They were way ahead of their time and put out some great music. I often wonder how much Ray Davies of the Kinks,gets in royalties from Van Halen's version of "You Really Got Me". It must be a small fortune. That's where the real money in music is, writing. Ray Davies songs were always pretty catchy. Simple yet compelling lyrics and,of course, simple three cord instrumentals. So, today it's Ray Davies and the Kinks with "Sunny Afternoon". Be sure to email your request for The Attic to baxter@1037theloon.com and tune in for The Attic weekday mornings at 9:35