In The Attic this morning, the uncontested most successful rock and roll band ever to take the stage. I'm not talking just record sales and live shows. Just the shear longevity of the Stones. over fifty years of selling out stadiums. I always suspected that The Rolling Stones sold their souls to the devil. I mean. look at them. Not one of them got fat or even  lost any hair in all these years. Can you really think of another rock band that has endured for so long and not ended up playing county fairs?  I remember watching the Stones in the sixties on Ed Sullivan and my dad saying something to the effect "What a bunch of bums. They'll never go anywhere". I took great joy over the decades reminding my dad that that "bunch of bums" were all multi millionaires and were selling out stadiums whenever they felt like touring and showed no signs of slowing down.