I don't know about you but I was caught totally by surprise when I heard of the passing of Tom Petty last year. I just kind of thought he'd be around and performing forever.  I was aware of his previous battle with heroin but he kicked it and seemed to be doing just fine. We never heard about his hip problem that he toured with, against his doctor's advice. Toward the end of the tour his cracked hip had progressed to completely broken, causing Tom excruciating pain. It's a miracle he even finished his tour. Tom was never one for letting down his fans. After the tour it was reported that he was in horrible pain and heavily using pain killers, Xanax and a few more things. If you've ever suffered this kind of pain, you know that you'll just about do anything to make it stop. Well, that's exactly what Tom did and it ended up killing him. Here is one of my favorites from Petty, "Girl on LSD"