On a beautiful day like today and ready to hit the road for the lake country,, I needed something extra special for The Attic selection this morning. This song brings back so many memories of the early seventies, cruising in my 1971 Firebird listening to my 8 track player. I think I may have worn out several tapes of this album by Uriah Heep. Nothing like the open road and some great tunes to make a person feel alive. I guess, in the seventies, I was still a young buck with my whole life ahead of me. Funny how, as time goes by, a person's life gets so busy and complicated you lose that carefree attitude and are pretty much just in survival mode. Think back to some of your best memories of your youth. There's a good chance it was at a time in your life that you may not have had much money. But somehow, you managed to have a great time anyway. There's a lesson in here somewhere, just can't put my finger on it.