"Sleeping Bag" in The Attic this morning from ZZ Top. Critics have said over the years that if Billy Gibbons had not formed ZZ Top he would most likely have been a renowned blues artist. I remember seeing ZZ Top several times in the beginning. They toured nonstop for years. when I worked as a bartender in Houston in the 80's, Dusty Hill lved right around the corner from the hotel I worked at.  He would quite often come into the hotel bar and watch the band. I'd mix him his Crown Royal and soda and have conversations about me joining the band. I would tell him ZZ Top needed a tambourine player but it was a no go. He would often bring his girlfriend in with him. She was the girl from the Legs video. Other customers would send her drinks thinking she could possibly be with this guy with the long beard. Every time Dusty came in we'd have to make him go to the front desk of the hotel to check his pistol in. Texas has very strict laws about guns in bars.