MINNEAPOLIS -- With the floods in Texas and the hurricanes in Florida, the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota is reminding you to be on the lookout for flood damaged cars hitting the market.

Dan Hendrickson with the BBB says damaged cars could be on the lots of Minnesota dealers as early as next month.

"We're thinking that in a few weeks these cars could find their way up to our market. These cars are sold to salvage yards or restoration companies and they probably will end up back on the market."


He says if your looking at buying a car there are several key elements to look for.

"Check the instruments on the dashboard, test everything so it functions as it's suppose too, check the trunk for water damage and then obtain a vehicle history report from either CARFAX or www.vehiclehistory.gov."


Hendrickson says you should also have a trusted mechanic inspect the car as some vehicle history reports are not always reliable.

As of right now the Better Business Bureau says there are no flood damage cars being sold in Minnesota.

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