Now a days, you really can't believe everything you see on social media. You need to question almost anything and everything. Which is a little sad, but it's smart. How many times have you seen false posts about a celebrity death, only to find out, it was a hoax. Probably too many times to count by now.

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Which is why when I read a couple days ago on Facebook, about the Minnesota Renaissance Festival's permit already being revoked, I had to question it. On a Minnesota Renaissance Festival group page, a member of the group had posted what "appeared" to be minutes from the December 20, 2022 Scott County Board meeting. In it shows that the board members had voted to revoke the permit at this time.

But when I went looking on the pages, and I mean PAGES of minutes for the meeting (which are available to the public), I couldn't find anything. Granted there were 497 pages and it was downloading very slow. Plus on the post it says it was "Agenda 5", but I couldn't even see that being a part of the meeting.

Hence, reached out straight to Administrator Lezlie Vermillion asking if the permit really had been revoked. She responded back;

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There has been no permit revoked. The County Board is considering the revocation of their conditions use permit.

The next discussion with the County Board is January 17th.

Also contacted Mid-America Festivals, who runs the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, to get clarity. Stephanie Whipps, the Corporate Compliance & Communications Director got back to me stating;

There are multiple false social media posts being shared. The County Board has not voted on, let alone approved, the resolution and has not revoked the Festival's permit.

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At this time, rumors of their license being revoked is nothing but that, a rumor! We still don't know what will happen with the festival, but many - including myself, hope a resolution is reached and it remains. Guess we will have to wait for when the discussion picks up again January 17.

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