Even though we have an Olympian among us in Minnesota, you may not be allowed to congratulate her on Facebook, or any social media...without getting sued.

Recently the USOC (U.S. Olympic Committee) has been sending companies cease and desist letters because of their posts on social media using the trademarked words the USOC owns. This even applies to hashtags and phrases containing "olympic" or "olympian"!

The Olympics website states the following about using their trademarked names regarding social media posts - "are commercial in nature, serving to promote the company or brand; to raise the brand’s profile and public opinion about the company or organization; and/or to increase sales, membership or donations."

You're fine if you're an individual and not a company. If you're a company though...except a letter from the Olympics. Apparently they're the only people that want to make money for their name.

Source: Fox 9

If you're wondering why we're able to say "Olympic" in this story. We're a news/media source, so we're excluded from the rule. I do have to say that it puts a bad taste in my mouth about sending these cease and desist letters out and I'd rather see them concentrate on making sure they've got the zika virus under control, or keys to the Rio Olympic Stadium (they had to bolt cut open the front doors). That's just my humble opinion.

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