Every so often someone from Minnesota films a movie in Minnesota.  It happens.  Not a lot, but it does.

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From CBS news: 

An actor born and raised in Minnesota is making sure a story based on her real-life experiences is authentically Minnesota.

"Days When the Rains Came" is a dramedy based loosely on Marisa Coughlan's life.

The film is about a young girl who comes back to her home state, Minnesota, to stay with her dad for a bit while she sorts things out in her life.  Her dad is being played by well known actor, Beau Bridges, who also has ties to Minnesota.  His daughter and son-in-law both went to the University of Minnesota.  He said they are both "Gophers".

"My son-in-law and my daughter are both Gophers, and I just love all the water and the lakes, and this is a beautiful time of year. All the colors,"


Marisa Coughlan is originally from Minnesota and wanted to come back to film the dramedy so that this would be as close to her actual life as possible. She stated that she wanted Bridges to play her dad because he actually does remind her of her father.  The movie, "Days When the Rains Came" focuses on a woman in mid-life and trying to navigate the strange time when you are a parent and you are also possibly losing your own parents.  So it's parenting your own kids as well as sort of parenting your parents.

Coughlan said that when she and her husband moved back to the twin cities area a few years ago, she thought Excelsior just seemed like a town right out of a movie.

"When we moved back I never really spent time in Excelsior before and we moved back and rented a house there. And the whole time I was like this looks like that set of a movie," she said.

They also shot in Wayzata and Columbia Heights

The cool thing about this film, for people who live here, is that you may recognize many of the places that were shot for the film.  They will wrap up shooting at old Fairview Clinic in Columbia Heights, they will hopefully be back for the world premiere which will be here in Minnesota.

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