ST. CLOUD -- If you're suffering from mental illness, you now have your own urgent care program.

The Beautiful Mind Project started Central Minnesota's first Urgent Care for Mental Health in September. Marc Herr is the project's Executive Director, he says the goal of the new program is filling a hole in mental health coverage.

"This fills that middle gap there where you've had something happen to you, or a flare-up of a condition you currently have"


Right now their providers are offering around 25 to 30 appointments each week for the program. They currently have two signed on, and both are easily reached in St. Cloud.

"They're both on bus lines, one is Cook Counseling Services, in the middle of town and the other is Seal Dwyer Counseling in downtown St. Cloud."


The Beautiful Mind Project is planning to expand the program to cover the entire Stearns, Benton, Sherburne and Wright County area within 18 months.

If you're suffering from one of these "heightened moments", the urgent care will help you see a provider within 48 hours of calling. Herr says this is not for immediate crisis help if you're faced with immediate suicidal issues, reach out to a hotline.

If you'd like to take advantage of the "Mental Health Urgent Care" call 320-216-3300.

There are also several other programs in our area to help if you're suffering from mental illness. Watch the video below to see what else is happening in Central Minnesota to help those suffering from mental illness.

You can call 320.253.5555 or 800.635.8008 if you are suffering from mental illness.

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