UNDATED (WJON News) - A Becker, Minnesota native will spend this spring in the spotlight as a contestant on ABC’s The Bachelor.

Daisy Kent, a 2017 Becker graduate, is one of 32 young women vying for the attention of 28-year-old Joey Graziadei, a tennis pro living in Hawaii.

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Kent, currently living in San Diego, has become an account executive and a social media influencer after sharing the story of her hearing loss and getting a cochlear implant.

In elementary school, Daisy began experiencing hearing loss and other health problems. She was eventually diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, an inner ear disorder that causes dizziness and vertigo. Since then, she has also been diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease, a tick-born illness that possibly caused her initial symptoms.

In 2021, she received a cochlear implant due to her hearing loss.

Her TikTok account has over 40,000 followers.

While a student at San Diego State studying communications and journalism, Kent started a non-profit called “Hear Your Heart”, dedicated to helping children with hearing conditions and autoimmune disorders.

While social media is full of spoilers, including pictures of Kent and Graziadei on a hometown date outside her parent’s home, season 28 of The Bachelor will air on ABC beginning January 22nd.



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