"I'm going to commit suicide- watch me fly"

Realizing that this wasn't a good idea, one of the delivery drivers recalled a scene with Denzel Washington playing a negotiator and thought he would use some of those skills.  Build a rapport and try and get him to come down.  They also called 911.  Finally, after some discussion, they asked if the guy wanted a drink.  They are beer delivery guys, after all and did have quite a few packs of beer with them.  The would-be jumper said that maybe he would.  12 pack of Coors Light to the rescue!

PHOTO: Laura Kremers
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw  1037theloon.com

They delivery guys were on their route and accidentally took a wrong turn which brought them to the bridge and found the would-be jumper... that didn't jump.  Divine intervention?  Maybe.



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