It might sound strange but I enjoy taking days off in the middle of the week. Some people think it's weird to do that. I hear things like, "Why wouldn't you just take a Friday or a Monday off and enjoy a long weekend"? That's a legitimate question -- to which I have legitimate answers (at least I think).

Don't get me wrong, I am not immune to taking off those days to get that long weekend. But when I do take them off, it's because it's a lake weekend or we're going camping or something like that. Plus, I rarely take a long, normal vacation anyway. So I have days built up that I need to burn.

I know I should take longer vacations, but I'm a workaholic and it's not easy to take that amount of time off. There's a lot of work to be done prior to doing that and it also means that I put more work on others. I've been told I need to work on that.

Back to the subject at hand. Here's why I think taking time off in the middle of the week is beneficial.

Get "Normal Business Hours" Things Done

There are still a few things that, even in this tech age, are better done in person. And some of them are in-person only. That has become less and less lately and that's one of the few positives of COVID.

Chores Around the House

If you've never been grocery shopping or made a trip to Walmart at 11 am on a Tuesday, you are missing out. You're missing out on peace and quiet, non-crowded stores, and the best time to get freshly stocked items that you want. (if you know delivery dates)

Catch Up on Work

Hold on! Before you say "what's the point of not working, if you're going to take time off to do work"? All I can say to that is, sometimes you just have to.


There are times when just taking a day off in the middle of the week makes a workweek not seem like, well, not really a workweek. Like Chuck Woolery said, "two and two".


Nothing better than teeing off at 9 am on a Wednesday morning. There's hardly anyone on the course. It's a perfect time to get in nine, or a full 18, all by yourself.

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