Minnesota is famous for a few things: our awesome music scene, hockey, and never winning a Super Bowl (hardee har har har.) In my opinion, something else we SHOULD be famous for is our remarkable craft beer scene.

I’ve seen a good portion of the globe in 26 years (England, France, Wales, and the majority of The United States) and I can honestly say that Minnesota’s craft beer scene is 2nd to none.

There’s no shortage of awesome breweries and local brands around. One of the more popular breweries – Third Street Brewhouse (St. Cloud) – is among my favorites. They have a pretty awesome beer selection to choose from. Today we're going to be taking a look at Third Street Brewhouse's "must try" brews. Here we go.

- The Minnesota Gold Light American Lager

- The Minnesota Gold Classic American Lager

- The Hop Lift Indian Pale Ale

- The Peach Tree Lager

- The Juicy Hazy Brut Indian Pale Ale

These are all pretty solid, but you'll have to give them a try and decide for yourself if you like them.

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