Besides things like mac and cheese or spaghetti, grilled cheese has got to be the best comfort food.  When you add it to tomato soup, in my opinion it becomes the ULTIMATE comfort food.  And now someone wants to say that you shouldn't really eat these two things together.  WHAT??

Evidently it's not good for you.  Well, my initial thought is duh... it's fat, sodium, fried and cheesy.  Not necessarily the best for you.  But when you eat this, are you really looking to be all that healthy anyway?  Grilled cheese sandwiches came from a time when people didn't have a ton of money, and it was cheap and satisfying.  So, what's the issue?  We know, it's not healthy.  So what??

If you want to change it up and make a grilled cheese a little different than the normal, regular way, here are some twists.  I found from someone that a great way to make your grilled cheese is with mayo... the real stuff... not Miracle Whip instead of butter.  Oh, and you could pair your grilled cheese with a Caesar salad instead of the traditional tomato soup.

Worth a shot... happy cheesy-ness.

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