It's summer- basically, now that we are past Memorial Day, we can say it's summer.  And now that we can also get together in groups of 10 or less, it's also time to break out the snacks.  Even though right now it's better to have individual portions, and not have everyone reaching into the same bag or bowl.

You can still do this with a fan favorite... Chex Mix.  SO GOOD!  And there are so many different types.  But, if you are talking the original, my favorite piece is the rye chip... or what I call the "melba toasties".  And according to this debate on Twitter, rye chips for the win!

I think I might have another issue....

And I just found out that there is a bag of only rye chips- Gardettos makes them.  Hmmmm

Photo: Amazon

Anyway, what's your favorite part of Chex Mix?

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