This seems like an odd statement, or question, but apparently, it's true.  At least according to some of the people who frequent this particular gas station.

People can be very critical of certain foods that they love.  Tacos are one of those things that people can be very particular about.  Meats, cheeses, other toppings, fish, whatever the case is, people can be very passionate about what types of foods they will eat, how they like them and where they will buy them from.  Again, tacos are one of those foods

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El Sazon is located in a BP gas station off of Diffley Road in Eagan.  It was started by an experienced chef and his wife according to Only in Your State.  The product that comes out of this gas station restaurant looks nothing like what you would expect to come out of a gas station restaurant.  I expect those types of things to be something in a plastic bag that you need to microwave and worry about food poisoning... let's be honest.

But check this out.  This is from their Facebook page.

El Sazon Tacos & More Facebook page
El Sazon Tacos & More Facebook page

You may or may not agree.  But it is worth at least a try of the food.  If you are ever in that area, need gas and think that you should grab some food too, instead of grabbing the "gas station sandwich", try one of these babies.  Let people know what you think.  I'm curious.

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