The third season of Better Call Saul ended on a startling note, and Season 4 will pick right up with the upsetting aftermath.

(Spoiler alert if you’re not caught up yet, and if so, get on that ASAP!)

After Chuck McGill’s (Michael McKean) mental illness reached harrowing extremes near the end of Season 3, leading him to destroy his home searching for a source of electricity, he kicked over a lantern and set his home ablaze. It was pretty clear from the fiery final shot that Chuck was dead, and the producers echoed as much in interviews, confirming that “what you see is what you get” to Variety. Though they’ve left the door open for potential flashbacks.

Now the first photos from Better Call Saul Season 4 indeed confirm Chuck’s death, finding Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy and Rhea Seahorn’s Kim, still bruised from her car accident, at Chuck’s funeral.

Entertainment Weekly has a few more photos from Season 4, including a displeased-as-always Mike (Jonathan Banks) and Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) shaking hands with a man. It’s hard to tell who that guy is, but it could be Pryce, Nacho’s prescription drug supplier – certainly Gus would wanna meet and thank he guy who helped bring Hector Salamanca down, right?

USA Today also has a bunch of new photos, along with some details. Executive producer Peter Gould shared some interesting revelations about how Jimmy responds to his brother’s suicide, and how it effects his future with Kim:

At the beginning of this season, Jimmy finds out what happened to Chuck and his reaction is not necessarily what you’d expect. But there’s no question that it changes him and his relationship with Kim.

As far as Gus’ arc this season, things also go in unexpected directions following Hector’s stroke. Perhaps Gus isn’t too happy with Nacho (and Pryce) after all. Gould says that while Gus had his own plans for Hector, the old drug runner's Season 3 collapse may have changed those plans. "He takes advantage of every opportunity, but his interests are not always exactly what they seem to be," Gould teased of Gus. Take a look at the photos below, also teasing Jimmy’s new potential employers.

Better Call Saul Season 4 will bring us closer and closer to the swindling lawyer we know from Breaking Bad. Odenkirk told EW that the new season gets closer to Jimmy becoming Saul, with things moving much faster. We also know the new season will reveal the identity of that mysterious “Lalo” character from Saul’s first appearance in Breaking Bad. Stay tuned for the first trailer to arrive. Better Call Saul returns for its fourth season on August 6.

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