The Museum of Failure is being called "A unique exhibition where epic fails are celebrated."

Search "stupid inventions" online, and you'll find no shortage of results. Take, for instance, the Fundies -- a pair of underwear made for two. Then there's the potty putter, perfect for the avid golfer who would like to work on their close putt...while on the toilet. How about the Shoe-brella -- umbrella-shaped accessories designed to keep your feet dry. And who could forget about the Snuggie the blanket-with-sleeves concept that found an alarming amount of success more than it deserved. The list of stupid inventions is a long one, and at times is hard to distinguish from the the very similar list of failed products. What' the difference between stupid products and failed products is we're not entirely sure. But a new Museum of Failure coming to the Mall of America may shed some light.

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According to The Museum of Failure website, the Museum of Failure is "A unique exhibition where epic fails are celebrated." The site goes on to say that exhibit-goers will get to see 159 products and services that were complete flops during their time but that also paved the way for other great inventions. A short preview video shows items like Kellog's OJ's Cereal, a My Friend Cayla toy doll, spray-on condom and Crystal Pepsi amongst others.

Museum of Failure will be available to visit at the Mall of America's 2nd floor North Atrium. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, October 6 and will start at $24.

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