This could be a ton of fun!  But, you do need to have an adventurous nature.

ViewApart, ThinkStock
ViewApart, ThinkStock

Here is what happens... there is a company that sets it all up for you.  You get 10 sealed envelopes that are ready to go with an itinerary.  You don't open the envelopes until you are ready to go.. then you go wherever the place is spelled out in your envelope.  Now, my question would be this- where are they going to send me when I'm not into... or I'm allergic to... or whatever the deal is.

So, to answer that question, they do sit down with you, or Skype with you, whatever works. And they spend some time getting to know you- what your interests are, where have you already gone, what you like to do, that sort of thing. And of course, what your budget is.  And from that they plan these adventures.  I think it sounds so much fun!  They can be little 3 day getaways- you drive to your adventure (most of the time).

So, if this is the sort of thing you would like to try... check them out!  I think it sounds like a blast.

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