2K Games has announced that they’ll have a playable demo of Borderlands 2 at this year’s PAX East. Penny Arcade’s gaming convention runs from April 6th through 8th and if you’re in Boston you can fight the crowds to play one of the two new characters in the demo- Salvador the Gunzerker or Maya the Siren.

As you probably know the Gunzerker is a brand new class that’s basically a Berzerker who uses his guns instead of his fists. He can dual-wield weapons and has a range of new abilities that amp up his gun skills. You’ll take Salvador and Maya through a new level known as “Caustic Caverns”. Every gamer who plays the demo will walk away with an exclusive baseball tee complete with the Vault logo from the game. Head to booth #236 to check it out.

Developer Gearbox Software is also hosting their own panel on Sunday April 8th at 4:30 pm in the Manticore theater, where they’ll be talking about Borderlands 2 and some other games they’re working on- possibly Aliens: Colonial Marines (!) and Brothers in Arms 4. Expect this to live-stream on 2K’s site.

Borderlands 2 doesn’t come out till September so this may be your only chance to try the sequel to one of the best co-op games of this generation.

[Via 2KGames]