Ever gone bowling and thought to yourself "why isn't this sport played outdoors, in Minnesota, during the winter?" If so, you are in luck!

"Bowl Hole" is a bowling-like game that is played on frozen lakes. Participants' entry fees are used for fundraising efforts. The 2024 event will support mental health.

How does it work? Here is how the folks at Bowl Hole describe the action:

We drill 10 holes in the ice just smaller than the ball in the same pattern as traditional bowling pins on each end of the lane. A game consists of 4 players, 2 bowlers per team. 1 player from each team plays at each end of the lane. Each player has a turn to throw the ball across the ice in their attempt to drop the ball into a scoring hole. You score only if you drop into a hole and do not roll over. First team to 21 or high score when time runs out wins. 

The event will take place on February 4th, 2024 at Knotty Oar Marina on Prior Lake, which is about an hour and a half from St. Cloud.

Player entry fees are $60 per person and include tournament play, beverages in a Bowl Hole mug and a Bowl Hole winter hat. The cost for spectators is $35 and includes a Bowl Hole hat.


Registration for the event appears to be full at this time, but organizers encourage those interested to still register for the event to be put on the wait list.

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