According to a new study by Pew Research, boys who have sisters are more likely to sit back and let women do all the housework.

Researchers talked to 10-year-olds in 1987.  Only 60% of 10-year-old boys said that they were expected to help out with the dishes and other household chores . . . 82% of girls said they had to help out.

Years later, when the 10-year-olds were adults, the researchers found that boys STILL thought that girls should do most of the household chores.

Boys with sisters were also 8.3% more likely to agree with Republican and conservative attitudes toward women . . . and were 3.8% more likely to agree that, quote, "a woman's place is in the home".

The more sisters a boy had . . . and the closer he was in age to them . . . the more likely he was to think women should do chores.