Breaking news about the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza, still scheduled for February 3rd. The Minnesota winter has been less-than-ideal for lake ice creation, so the organizers are taking a proactive approach to maintain angler safety.

From the press release, just sent by Sheena Ziegler of the Brainerd Jaycees Marketing Team [key points have been emboldened for emphasis]:

Recognizing the importance of adapting to the current circumstances, the Extravaganza will transition to a hybrid model using Fish Donkey as the platform, keeping the February 3rd date but with extended contest hours. Participants will register for the tournament, uploading a picture of their ticket, which is needed to qualify for the event. This hybrid model extends the tournament across multiple Brainerd Area lakes where participants can still compete and experience the thrill of the Extravaganza from the safety and comfort of their chosen locations.

The committee is also working on providing in-person support on main accesses across the area to directly help contestants who may not be familiar with the platform. Multiple changes have been adapted from the Fish Donkey tournament held in 2021.

While online ticket sales will end today, contestants are encouraged to buy tickets from their local Fleet Farm stores or participating outlets. The will call and Information booth will also be available to help our participants throughout the transition.

Please stay updated on all information by visiting, following our official social channels, and joining our mailing list.

TL;DR: the Ice Fishing Extravaganza is still on, as scheduled. They're adapting a hybrid model so that participants can ice fish elsewhere if they'll feel safer.

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