We all know that every genre of music has its geniuses and it’s posers. The geniuses make a serious effort to be innovative and elevate their art to new heights and the posers are basically just there to look good and sell records.

This dichotomy is the most obvious in my opinion, in 80s glam rock. On the side of genius you have guys like Eddie Van Halen and Freddie Mercury, and on the side of the posers you have Bret Michaels.

No offense to you if you like Mr. Michaels, but let’s be real here – he’s just a pretty boy that a record label marketed in order to make money. The guy is not a good singer by any stretch of the imagination and his songs are so cheesy and cliché it makes me cringe.

But hey, some people really like that. If that’s your thing I won’t hold it against you. For a lot of people, music is about being silly and having fun, which is basically Bret Michaels in a nutshell.

If you happen to be a Bret Michaels fan you’ll be thrilled to hear that he'll playing Ribfest at Vetter Stone Amphitheatre in Mankato on August 3rd. The show starts at 5 pm and general admission is only $10.

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