This is a great idea.  If you have been traveling with your dog, and you'd like to stop, let your dog out to get some exercise and do their business this is a new place to do that!

Brew Park is now open in Plymouth.  Not only can you dog enjoy some fun play time, but you can also enjoy a bite to eat along with some beer, wine or coffee.  And before you as the obvious question - are the dogs around the food?  No, they are not allowed in the "Barkery".

The dogs are in a separate dog park area where they are supervised by some of the Brew Park's Park Rangers.  They can be off leash and are able to run around, play and just have a great time while their owners are doing what they need to do.  It may be just getting some food and drinks, but it could also be a great time to get some work done off site, as in not working from home or the office, having a meeting, or just hanging out.

According to the Brew Park's website, how it works is first you need to register your dog. They need to make sure all the dogs have their vaccinations and such.  You can make reservations too, but that's not required.  Owners can choose to hang with their pet in the dog park and play with them, or choose to let them run loose there while supervised, and head to the Barkery.

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If you are wondering, you don't have to have a dog to enjoy the Brew Park.  You can just come and hang out yourself if you'd like.  All are welcome.

If you'd like some more information on this new Brew Park, check out their website.  

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