What kind of a person abandons a bunch of puppies?  First of all, there are so many people that are looking for a pet.  Especially dogs.  Whoever had these puppies probably could have sold them or, even better, they could have found homes for these little things.  Instead, they decide to put four puppies in a bucket and just leave them somewhere.

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The "somewhere" happed to be Robbins Island in Willmar.  This is actually a popular place for locals to hang out.  So, the chance of someone finding the pups was pretty high, but still.  Don't just leave them somewhere - abandoned.  Luckily, they were found and are now in puppy foster care.

The puppies were still healthy, and were picked up by the Hawk Creek Animal Shelter, but they are looking for whoever abandoned them.  According to a Willmar radio station, Hawk Creek Animal Shelter is asking that people please call them first, before doing something along these lines.  It's much better to find some place to take care of them if you don't know anyone who would want to take the pups themselves.  A local humane society or animal shelter is always the better answer.

You hear of people putting puppies in a bag and drowning them, or leaving them in a dumpster or some other horrible thing.  At least this wasn't a story like that, and it most likely will have a happy ending.  But always try to find some other solution if you find yourself in this situation.

You can read the full story here.

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