Well, it was a good idea.  In theory.  The pay your age promotion was a success.  WAY too much of a success, though.  It wound up being almost heartbreaking for some.  And an apology was necessary from the CEO.  I guess it would be a good idea to put the "pay your age- first_____________ through the door".  That way you don't end up with this situation.

Matthew Lloyd, Getty Image
Matthew Lloyd, Getty Image

But, I guess you can live and learn and move on from your mistakes.  It's just unfortunate that it turned out like this.  One would think that as a business owner, this would be like a gold mine to have happen.  But when you are dealing with little kids who wanted to "build a bear".  Then you have to turn them away because of crown control, it becomes a nightmare.

Luckily, they are handling the issue with some vouchers.  They are probably going to be doing the "pay your age" promotion a lot longer than anticipated.

Upside- at least people like the bears!

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