I was joking about this the other day.  I was saying that there are people right now who think that this pandemic is complete "crap".  Then there are the people who don't seem to want to leave their homes without a hazmat suit on.  I thought that was kind of an exaggeration, but apparently it's really not that far off the mark.

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If you are really freaked out to fly right now, you can actually purchase a hazmat suit to fly in.

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The hazmat suit idea on an airplane was brought more to light by a couple of people that are famous... and famous for being germaphobes.  Model Naomi Campbell and musician Erykah Badu.  They were the first known people that decided that it was a good idea to get on a plane in a hazmat suit.   It seems a little crazy.  But then, we have no idea how long this thing is going to last.  So recently, there was a crowdfunding site that raised money to create some hazmat suits for air travel.  

Most of the people that have been buying hazmat suits for air travel include hairstylists, doctors, dentists and people traveling a long way, and often.  But this thing almost seems like something that you could go into space with.  Check out what it includes:

I'm  not so sure I would ever do this.  I'm a little claustrophobic, and I think this thing might send me over the edge... but if you are really that freaked out about the pandemic, and you HAVE to travel by air, this might be the answer for you.

Still weird.

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