I know that a lot of people say that buying a gift card for someone is not personal.  Like it lacks that personal touch. My feeling is that if you have someone on your list that feels like that, don't get them a gift card.  If you have others on your list that don't mind that - by all mean, buy them a gift card.  I'm definitely one of those people who appreciates a good gift card.  That way you can go and get what you'd like without having to return something that was wrong or didn't fit.  The question comes in with where is the right place to buy said gift card?

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This weekend, if you have someone who would appreciate a Target gift card, this is the time to get one of those.  Not only that, if YOU are the one who would like an extra discount, buy one or more for yourself.  No judgement if you would like your own discount.

Here is the deal-

Target Circle

10% off

Target GiftCard purchase up to $500. Offer valid 12/2-12/3

So, this is the weekend.  Saturday and Sunday take advantage of this deal!

The good thing about this type of a gift card (even if people don't like to get gift cards) is that a big box store has everything that people need.  Plus it's one of those things where you might be in a position where you are shopping there and you suddenly remember that you have a gift card!  Score!

So even if you find yourself in a postiion where you're not sure if the person you are buying for will like it or not - buy one!  You may be able to use it yourself later.

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