Well, winter has been a bust this year in Minnesota, so why not start looking for fun things to do in the summertime.  I mean, with only a couple months (officially) left of the winter season, it doesn't seem like we are really going to have a good ol' fashioned Minnesota winter.  So we might as well look beyond that, right?

Do you have a wiener dog?  Or do you know someone who does?  You can register them now for a race that is coming up in August.  I know, that is really looking ahead, but why not?

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Billy's Corner Bar and Grill in Vergas has open registration now for the weiner dog races while celebrating "Looney Days".  It's actually the "2024 Weiner Dog Nationals"! This is big stuff!

This is seriously a national event.  Last year the event was held in California.  The last time they were held in Vergas was in 2021.

The races will be held on the turf at the Vergas baseball field beginning at 9:00am, with registration and practice beginning at 8:00. It is recommended that you pre-register your wiener by mailing the form available on the Facebook page “2024 Wiener Dog Nationals at Looney Days,” or at www.cityofvergas.com The races will conclude by 11 to enable everyone to participate in all of the other fun events at Looney Daze.

Weiner dogs from all over the country show up for this event.  Their Facebook post states that they expect to have about 75 racers for this year's event.  And they have made some improvements to the track that the dogs race on.  Plus, a lot more spectator areas.  I had no idea this event would be this large, but I'm totally here for it!

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