I need to rant for just one second about something and I think many Minnesotans will agree! This has always been a problem but I've realized it even more during the pandemic.

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In Minnesota, we are known for being nice and kind and overly polite. This serves us well in our everyday lives but not when we hit the road. I've noticed that people at four-way stops sometimes forget about the rules of the road and don't go when it is their turn! Instead, they wave at you to go first.

Of course, we have the people who get to the four-way stop, barely stop and then make their move even though it isn't their turn. While this is never great, it is also not great the other way around either.

While the motives behind letting someone else go first and signaling for you to take their turn are probably pure, this could easily cause an accident of some sort. It is kind but it is distracting, especially to other drivers who pull up to the four-way stop after you and the car in question.

Not only can this be a distraction, but it also ends up taking more time than it would if someone simply went at their turn. You can eliminate a good thirty seconds from your commute to and from wherever you are going if you don't go back and forth with another driver about them taking a turn. Like I said, it is all coming from a kind place, but it is more of a hassle than just going when it is your turn. You can do a kind deed elsewhere!

I don't know if this is something I am just noticing or if it was brought about the pandemic but let's all follow the rules of the road.


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