So, you are engaged.  You start the wedding planning, you search for that perfect venue, photographer, videographer, choose your wedding party, food, flowers, and of course, THE dress!

You pick the perfect dress, the one that will make you feel beautiful on your wedding day, the one that will hopefully make your intended's mouth drop.  The dress that you have always dreamed of for your special day.

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Then... an unfortunate situation happens.  You wind up calling off the engagement.  Now what?  You can cancel everything and hopefully get all or most of your deposits back. But the dress. What can you do with that?

This was something that I found on Facebook Marketplace.  Dress for sale.  And, it's a nice one too.  Apparently originally $1500.  Asking $1000 for it.  The description says that it was never worn, or altered.  But the wedding didn't happen, so now it's for sale.

My question is this.. .if it was never altered, couldn't you possibly return it?  I know you wouldn't get a full refund, but the bridal shop could probably sell at a discount.  But there could also be the stigma of a cancelled wedding... could a dress be cursed?

I don't really buy into a lot of that woo-woo stuff. But I do know some people do.  Like it's got bad energy or something.

Would you buy this dress?

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

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