According to fox 9 News, Cargill is temporarily idling its facility in Big Lake due to shifting demands in the food service industry.

Cargill 2

Employees are laid off until demand from the food service industry bounces back. Reduction in services to restaurants, cafeterias, stadium vendors, etc is causing Cargill to shift to retail demands and grocery stores. Cargill, Big Lake produces egg products for businesses like Jimmy Dean, Sarah Lee and McDonald's.

Big Lake Mayor Mike Wallen says, Cargill is one of Big Lake's top three employers. “Its not just people being idled,” said Wallen.“It’s the dollars that Cargill generates on their water and sewer usage that we have budgeted. Its tax dollars that we use.”


Employees affected by the lay offs are eligible for unemployment benefits and Cargill will supply health benefits for up to 6 months. An additional 2 weeks pay was given to many of the affected employees.

Cargill stated, “We are hopeful this will be a short-term move and will work with our employees regularly on a return-to-work timeline,”

“I really do hope that all those people who sit in St. Paul understand what this does to regular main street Minnesota.” said Mayor Wallen.


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