Who made it their resolution this year to do more good? Perhaps volunteer more than last year? Do you know that person who is always doing good and inspires you to spread more kindness in this world?

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For me that person is Mark J. Lindquist. He is originally from Ortonville, Minnesota and he's been a buddy of mine since we sang in choir together, years ago, at Concordia College in Moorhead. He's one of the most infectious and genuine people I have ever met in my life. Since the time I've known him, I've never not seen him do good. Always there to lend an extra hand, he even left Concordia early to join the Air Force and he continues with that fighting spirit yet today.

Staying in touch through the years, especially via Facebook, I've seen him motivating for some great causes. But for ten months now, his passion and care has been focused on what's happening in Ukraine. He's always been the type where you never quite know where he might show up next, so it wasn't a surprise to those of us who know him well, to see a Facebook post one day saying he was actually on his was to Ukraine to do what he could.

Since then he has been doing amazing humanitarian work for the people of Ukraine. After making a promise to a Two Star General in Ukraine, he came back to America for some gigs back in November and continues to do anything and everything he can to raise awareness and to make sure America hasn't forgotten what is going on over there.

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One of those ways some would call crazy, but I say crazy incredible, was to camp out in December for 17 days during some of the coldest days of the year in Minnesota and North Dakota. Here he is talking about #OperartionSleepOut

While talking with him the other day he informed me that,

Ukraine in the Donbas is the same latitude as International Falls in Minnesota.

That can help give an idea of how cold it is in Ukraine right now. So it's his mission to raise awareness and more for the men, women, and especially the children over in Ukraine in desperate need of warmer gear as so many are displaced and don't have access to the proper winter attire.

For 17 days he camped out for #OperationSleepOut and was able to raise gear and funds. But he's just begun. Now in 2023 he has expanded his mission into one of the biggest media platforms in the world, New York City. He went straight to the heart of it and even camped out on January 2nd in Times Square. He's keeping his promise and doing anything and everything he can to raise awareness, including trying to get on Good Morning America and even got a tweet in support from Robin Roberts:

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He's a true Minnesota Veteran Humanitarian who is asking for support in anyway we are able to give it. Learn more on his mission on his Facebook or at his Website and hear his passion and the story he shared with me right here:

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