The Carver County Sheriff's Office posted a warning to parents on their Facebook page over the weekend.

With school right around the corner…
Think before you share: Back to School Photos
Back to school photos often reveal personal information about your child. School name, grade, age, and identifying features, etc. - these can all be used by predators and scammers.

The big trend online in recent years has been for parents to have their kids hold up signs on the first day and last day of school saying how old they are, their grade that year, what their interests are, and more. It's a super cute concept, and seeing my friends post their kids growing up year by year is adorable and I look forward to it every fall and spring.

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But the Carver County Sheriff's Department makes a really good point.

That is a lot of information you are putting out online about your precious children, information that online predators can use to their advantage. You can have your account locked down as tight as possible, but you are still putting that information out there and if someone wants it bad enough, they will find a way.

Just something to ponder as we head into the upcoming school year. Take those detailed photos and keep them to yourself, and stick to the basics when sharing those adorable back-to-school photos online, because your friends and family do still want to see them.

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