We're not sure how Steve Patterson (the cat) got his name.

Last week, Minnesota radio and television personality Steve Patterson was left "shook" (ie. "shocked or surprised af") after learning that a cat available for adoption in Northern Nevada shares his name.

"Steve Patterson keeps coming out of his shell more and more every day!" wrote SPCA of Northern Nevada on Facebook on February 27. "This gorgeous boy has been with us for over a month, and is in need of a patient, understanding person to take him home. He can be shy at first, but sit with him and give him chicken treats and he'll become your new BFF." The post was accompanied by a pair of photos of -- admittedly -- a very handsome kitty cat.

Fans of Steve Patterson (the human) began tagging him in the comments.

"What a handsome boy," said one. "The Steve Patterson should totally adopt him."

"Wait WHAT!!? There’s a cat named after you???" expressed another with surprise.

"He looks kinda like you!" joked a third.

"Steve Patterson you need to make a trip to Nevada to get your namesake cat," commented one.

"I'm shook," replied Patterson to the pleasure of many.

The following day February 28 the SPCA of Northern Nevada posted again to share that Steve Patterson (the cat) had been adopted.

"Steve Patterson went home today!! Melissa fell in love with Steve after seeing his photo, so she came to adopt and take him home today! He is going to be so loved by Melissa and her family."

A missed opportunity for Steve Patterson (the human) perhaps, but we're happy for Steve Patterson (the feline).

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