Baxter’s Morning Side Show

Anyone Else "Done Time" In Facebook Jail?
I admit, I may go over the proverbial line occasionally. But things have gotten much tighter with Facebook. Seems there are too many people that are just looking to be offended by something.
This past Monday, I posted on a friends page, wishing him a happy birthday...
Confetti Needs A Home and Family
Once again, we talked to Kate from Tri County Humane Society about this week's adoptable pet, Confetti, a pretty cool looking kitten. The Loon Morning show has had pretty good luck getting our weekly pets placed with families in the area. We're hoping Confetti is no exception...
Is There A Minnesota Mask Mandate Or Not?
For the most part, most places I've been to are enforcing the mask mandate. i know sometimes it can be frustrating. Especially when you forget to grab your mask from the car and end up trekking back to get it.
Restaurants are having a tough time with social distancing and not being able to seat …

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