Crime Beat

Minneapolis Riot Video From Last Night
What started off as a fairly peaceful protest after the death, at the hands of 4 Minneapolis police officers, has morphed into a full scale riot.
George Floyd died a few days ago while in police custody and the four officers involved have all been terminated from the Minneapolis Police Department...
Benton Co Sheriff's Dept is Using Coronavirus to Catch Meth Users
The Coronavirus has pretty much monopolized the news media,as of late. This Minnesota sheriff's dept decided to use all the panic to their advantage.
The Benton County Sheriff's Dept is trying to trick local meth users into turning in their meth stash to be inspected for the Coronavirus...
Psych Hospital Escapee Steals Cop Car in Anoka County
Last Thursday was an exciting day for Mattu Chuol. Things must have been getting pretty boring hanging out at the Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center.
Nothing can break up the monotony like a little breakout That's exactly what Mattu did...

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