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This Device Will Change Your Mosquito Fighting Life
My Dad called me just before my last trip to the cabin, to tell me I should pick up new cartridges for the ThemaCELL. Not only had I never heard of it, and had no idea what he was talking about; I wasn't even sure what he was saying and had to 'Google it.' Glad I did -- it changed my …
Vikings 2018 Super Bowl Pitch Video [Watch]
Earlier in the week we posted a video that showcased the new Vikings stadium. Here's another that was used by the Vikings reps to pitch the NFL on the 2018 Super Bowl being played in Minneapolis. This short video shows how cool it is to be a Minnesotan. Fun to watch.
What's The Origin Of '420?'
Whether you're talking about the date 4/20, the time 4:20, the area code (420), or any other rendition of the number, '420' -- it has become the unofficial, universal symbol for the use and appreciation or marijuana. But what does it mean, and where did it come from?
Minneapolis Night Clubs Forced To Offer Free Ear Plugs
Ok, I'm putting this one in my 'WTF' file. Have we lost our overbearing, governmental minds? I'm all for hearing safety, but does the gov really need to be involved?  Buy your own damn $1 ear plugs if you need 'em. Minneapolis has mandated that clubs provide ear plugs f…
The 2014 Minnesota All Hockey-Hair Team
My sister has a 16-year old son who plays hockey in Andover, so we all got a good laugh out of this video -- running down the 2014 Hockey-Hair Awards. Laughter is the best medicine. And the winner is...

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