It's More Important Than Ever To Shop Local
We all tend to shop the "big box stores" on occasion or sometimes even exclusively. Online shopping was the way to go during the shutdown. But it's the small business owners that have had a pretty tough time surviving all pandemic fallout.
Honestly, the big guys are going to be…
A Guide To Tipping During The Pandemic
I see two sides to this issue. One, most of the service people working during the pandemic, Grub Hub, grocery stores, pizza delivery guy and now that restaurants are opening up a bit, waiters, bartenders and waitresses all are risking their own health to serve you and avoid financial problems...
It's Not Junk Mail, It's Your Stimulus Debit Card
If you happen to be one of the four million people getting their stimulus payment via a prepaid debit card, keep an eye out for it in your mail.
It looks like it could be junk mail but it's not. Chances are you will be getting your stimulus payment in this manner if the IRS doesn't have any…

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