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7 Creepiest Places In Central Minnesota
I love a good ghost story, even if it's just folklore. There are a few places in central Minnesota that have a reputation of being creepy. Are these places just victims of childhood legend or is there truth to some of these stories? You be the judge...
8 Times St. Cloud Made The 'Big Time'
St. Cloud, Minnesota isn't as small as we think. In fact, we've had our brush with fame several times over the years. Our town is kind of famous! Don't believe me? Check out the list of our 'big time' moments below.
The Best Part of Waking Up Is?
Well, that's easy! The best part of waking up is, I guess, just knowing you are still alive.. But..the 2nd best thing about waking up is, huh? Must be coffee. But, the 3rd best thing about waking up is listening to Baxter & Laura in the morning, unless you're getting lucky, then Ba…
Move the Deer Crossing Signs to Safer Spots?
The story online today about the deputy hitting a deer at 100 MPH reminded me of this call to a radio station years ago. Either this is a set up or this woman has eaten a lot of lead paint chips off the windowsill.

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