Morning Sideshow

Could You Think of 144 Nice Things to Say About Your Ex?
I always like to see judges use some creativity when sentencing someone. Case in point, a guy was in court for violating a restraining order taken out by his ex girlfriend. The violation occurred when he texted his ex one night with insulting and nasty texts 144 times...
Move the Deer Crossing Signs to Safer Spots?
The story online today about the deputy hitting a deer at 100 MPH reminded me of this call to a radio station years ago. Either this is a set up or this woman has eaten a lot of lead paint chips off the windowsill.
Baxter’s Attic: John Parr – “Naughty, Naughty”
You certainly don't hear much about John Parr. He's most remembered for a song he did for the movie St Elmo's Fire and his #1 hit on the rock charts in 1985 "Naughty, Naughty". Despite his low profile, John Parr sold over 10 million albums worldwide...

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