Baxter and Laura Talk Sex Marathons
This morning we had a story about how much time the average couple spends having sex on a weekly basis. The average is 69 minutes a week. Wow, that's almost 35 times a week. I have always tried to gear my self for the modern busy American woman and found my best line is "Hey, got a min…
"VD is for Everybody" Anyone remember this commercial?
In honor of Valentines Day
I remember this commercial playing all the time in the late 60's and early 70's.  The whole idea was to get health problems, in this case venereal disease, out in the open for discussion. It was such a damn catchy tune, I'd walk around humming it all day…
Dear Baxter, Am I a Slut for Sleeping with Him on the First Date?
Dear Baxter,
My friends lined me up with a blind date.  We hit it off immediately and ended up in bed within an hour of meeting. We've now been together for several months and the relationship continues to blossom. I'm no slut but for some reason, that first night, things just seemed s…

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