Spirits and Hard Liquor

The Dangers of St Patrick's Day
This weekend, if you are out and about, you are bound to run into more than usual fall down obnoxious drunks. Don't be one of them.
It's just a theory of mine but I think alcohol could affect your judgement. Yeah, really.
A study was down on the most common ways that we hurt ourselves while …
Lose Weight Drinking Tequila?
When I first read this article I thought, well sure, drink enough tequila and it might be difficult to make anything to eat.  But according to The Independant, the agave plant tequila is made from contains healthy sugars that lower your blood sugar, make you feel fuller and contains health…
I Can Walk on Water, Tequila is a Different Story
Although my big drinking days are probably over, I have many fond non memories of wild tequila adventures. There is just something about tequila that would give me this "let's go get arrested" feeling. One story I'll never forget is when I was living in California and my two roommates and …

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