If you aren’t tuning into ‘Private Practice’ on Thursday nights, you’re not only missing out on some crazy hospital drama, but also some of the best eye candy on TV.  The female doctors are constantly turning on the sexy, and making men everywhere glad that they finally decided to watch a show with their partner.

Today’s ‘Crush,’ the lovely Caterina Scorsone plays Amelia Shepherd, a troubled young doctor who occasionally dabbles in drugs (not the prescribed kind).  What can we say, we enjoy bad girls. Especially the girls that like to play doctor. We are great at playing doctor except we always give ourselves ailments that kind of ruin the mood. It’s hard to want to get frisky after telling your partner you’re dying of testicular cancer. Real mood killer.

As evidence from the photo below from Caterina’s twitter, her and her female cast members like to get a bit freaky on the set. Caterina is one of Canada’s finest imports, and that is why we are crushing on her today.